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  • The lack of online privacy is affecting your chances of getting loans and jobs

    Authors: Mary Chaffee and Nikita Ostrander The way that corporations use the data that they harvest from people’s digital wakes makes it seem like the internet is booby-trapped. Having your potential job prospects or access to credit depend on unknowable interpretations of your browsing history, interests, or purchases, takes control out of people’s hands. When […]

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  • The Emergence and Perils of Digital Activism and Content Moderation

    Social media, as the documentary The Social Dilemma explains, is an addictive force that has nearly everyone (in the developed world) addicted. This is not new this year, but rather has been an ongoing and increasingly acute phenomenon. Today, no one would blame you if you avoided logging on to Facebook or Twitter for fear […]

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  • Centers of power and influence for Internet and Technology Companies

    The internet has connected the globe and has provided knowledge and opportunity for billions of people over the past 25 years. As the internet becomes ever more available, it is important to look at who the established players already are. Over the last few decades, internet accessibility has remained exceedingly unequal across the globe. Even […]

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